Effix Design, material which becomes creative matter

Effix Design is a mortar featuring high strength and enhanced aesthetic properties, capable of ensuring great attention to details of trendy designers and of opening new creative path to designers of décor elements. 

Effix Design had been developed to produce non-structural cement elements for use as outdoor or indoor furnishing pieces, such as urban furniture, lamps and spotlights, kitchen toppings, sinks, bathtubs, tiles, art objects and much more. 



Effix Design allows obtaining slim and decorative elements made with the greatest attention to detail. The high surface yield of the pieces produced, which may also have polished glossy surfaces, is perfect for high range design needs.



Effix Design plays with shapes and materials. Easy to work, it is especially suitable for making small architectural elements, thin and slim, with smooth or worked surfaces. Plasticity and performance for a broad
range of applications.



Like all other Italcementi Group products, Effix Design can be formulated by adding TX Active, the innovative phtocatalytic principle, developed and patented by Italcementi Group, for cement-based products.


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